Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cycling Concepts Time Trial Series 5-14-09

We had a good turn out despite the wind and rain. Same time, same place next week. Thanks to Diane for help with the finish timing.

We will be trying a start list next week with newcomers going first, then slowest to fastest rider from previous week.

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Results: 5-14-09 6:30 PM Start

1Paul LynchMR115:35.723.8518
2Paul NovotaskyMR315:55.423.3727
3Joeseph NuceraMR416:11.222.9946
4Sebastian DunnMR416:35.122.4335
5Cliff KenyonMR316:50.922.0814
6Jon TarboxMR416:54.921.9923
7Katherine Papillon-RodrigioFR217:27.921.3014
8Bill KenneyMR418:29.820.1112
9Jim DunphyMR618:45.919.8211
10Carmen CarltonFR419:47.818.7923
11Donna DavisFR420:14.618.3712
12Karen MemmottFR624:11.815.3711

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  1. Changed mind about start orders. Cancel that.