Saturday, May 30, 2009

CT Stage Race-Day 1

I'm going by memory here:

Paul had a solid TT and finished 14th about 1:02 behind the leader. He finished in the field in the circuit race and maintained his position. He's in a great position for a top ten finish.

Me, on the other hand, not so much. I finished 30th out of 40 in the TT, almost 4:00 minutes behind JB ( Johny Bold not James Brown). I probably shouldn't feel too, too bad... the guy in second finished almost a minute down. As I was afraid of, I got dropped in the circuit race, but didn't get lapped, at least. Somehow I managed to move up to 29th. Go figure.

Tomorrow is going to be tough. Paul's chances look good for a top ten. I'm hoping to hang on as long as possible and not lose any places.

Jim Thompson and all the USAC officials and vounteers are doing a great job putting on the race. Maggie will be in the Official's car for the Cat 4s in the RR tomorrow. 91 miles coming at us!

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