Sunday, July 5, 2009

Tip: Cross the Finish line

Today was the Domnarski Farm race. From every thing I'd been told about the course, I wasn't really looking forward to it. After a pre-ride on Friday, I was less than enthusiastic. Jonathan Sawn and I lined up for the start and had at it. Jonathan went out two groups before mine. With my lack of enthusiasm, I got a pretty crappy start. I pushed fairly hard for the first half of the 10 mile lap and ended up in 2nd with the Snowman (Matt Snow). I drilled it on the pavement, thinking we could get a gap, but when we hit the dirt again, John Allen and Will had caught us. The second half of the lap is a lot more technical, but there are a couple of hard climbs. I thought I had dropped everybody on the climbs, but by the top of the last one I had been caught by two guys, Will (riding flat pedals and sneakers) and Bikebarn guy. Will got by me in one of the extra deep mud bogs when I didn't see the go around route and plunged head long into the slop. I think I swore! Bikebarn Guy got me just at the end of the Jeep trail before the last section of single track. I knew I was done then. Bikebarn guy played that expertly and I totally appreciated being beaten fair and sqaure. This is where the tip comes in. I was in such a hurry to congratulate Bikebarn guy for his skilled tactics and riding that I sort of forgot to ride through the finish line. I took probably 30 seconds for all the people screaming to get my attention and when I turned to see what all the yelling was about, they were all staring at me and screaming in this disgusted tone as if to say "I can't believe they let someone so stupid do these races". That's when I realized what I thought was the finish was actually the start line. Duh!! Anyway three guys crossed the line before I managed to drag myself over the line. I think I would have been in 4th, but probably will get credit for 8th-ish. I talked to the official in a half hearted plea for my spot, but didn't press the issue. Who's the idiot? (that would be me!)
In the end I actually liked the course and the racing was good. So often these races turn in to a time trial, solo ride through the woods, but we had some good action. Good race boys. Matt crashed hard and hit his head, he was pretty banged up. Hope he's OK. Props to John Allen for stopping and checking on him. Good to see my buddy Frank Navone.

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