Thursday, July 9, 2009

It's not if, but when

So I decided at the last minute to go out to Bethel and do the Wednesday night crit. I asked Paul to come , but he had a premonition, I guess, and declined. I should have known better my self. Of the three times I've done this race, two of the nights there were crashes. Last night it was my turn.
I was accomplishing my goal of geting a hard workout in. I rode solo off the front for a lap and a half and was in a short lived break of about 4 laps, so the workout was good. As we got down to the last few of 30 laps, I was thinking, "OK, good ride this will help with this weekends mounntain bike race". All I have to do is ride in the last two laps and go home. Wrong, winding up for the final sprint, coming around the last corner before the hill, and ther it is, my crash. The only image I remember is the guy leaning at a 45 degree angle right in front of me. I hit him had and go over the bars and slam to the road on my elbow and side. I think the reason I didn't get much road rash is because I just slammed down. I ended up in Danbury Hospital emergency room with a fractured elbow, 13 stiches, a seperated ACjoint in my shoulder and some cracked ribs. Since I'll be off the read for several week while my elbow heals, it's time to revise my race schedule. Thanks to the guys at the race reassuring me it wasn't as bad as it seemed and showing me how quickly there road rash healed. Extra special thanks to my friend Frank Navone, who also went down and had to get checked out. If you need an awesome guy to help you out, Frank's your man. As they say...."that's bike racing"

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