Sunday, June 21, 2009

Housatonic Hills Road Race

WOW! That was one hard F*#$ing race. So I'll keep this short. Started out with a nice neutral climb up the first hill then right into a wicked fast scary descent and onto the first climbs, of course I was already lurking at the back of the pack, so by the top of the last of the first climbs I was off the back, along with quite a feew others. We got a little group of four together, but by the top of the evil little climbs on Davenport road, we were down to two, Me and Zane from Horst/Benidorm. Basically we suffered together until we went up Davenport the second time and I couldn't hang. Zane road on with a group of guys from the 3/4 race and I rode in solo. Paul had a flat early in the first lap and wasn't able to repair it. He got a free ride in the sag wagon, sucks.

It's funny, I think I'm a halfway decent climber...until you crank it up to race pace and all bets are off. I really need to work on that. Our race (masters 35+) was driven by Roger Aspholm and Johny Bold, so it's no wonder the pace was insane. Great workout and prep for Putney mountain bike race next weekend. One last little thing I noticed...I spent so much time out of the saddle climbing that I have two blisters on each hand from gripping the brake hoods. Awesome. Can't wait for next year!

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