Sunday, October 18, 2009

Finally A Podium

Yep, I made it! Second place at Mansfield Hollow 45+. Yeah, it was a small race and some of the fast guys weren't there, but there were a lot of other fast guys there. It felt good! Thanks to all my new team mates and everyone else who was cheering me on. Really fun time with a good showing by the Expo team. Lets see How many team mates I can remember: Me, Dave, Hildebrand, Cliff, TJ, Lance, Keith, Martey, Tall Paul, Paul Novatosky, Brian Specyalski, Steve Yau. There's probably more that I didn't see or didn't know were team mates.
That was a fun race, good atmosphere. There's nothing like a whole big batch of free food after your race, and the generous payouts and prizes.
Hopefully we'll see a good turn out next week at Hartford.

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  1. Awesome footage! You did a great job putting this together...